Probably the best potato chips in the world!

Tyrrell’s premium crisps come from the very heart of England.

They are made of potatoes of finest aristocratic varieties (Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta) from Oxfordshire county’ fields only.

Crisps are carefully hand cooked in small batches on the farm. They are washed, cut, sliced and finally cooked at the right conditions under the expert eye of our master fryer.

They are then complemented with seasonings are made of real ingredients that are dried and carefully combined.

So this is the result – the best tasting crisps:

  • full of curls and personality,
  • natural tasty seasonings (not flavourings),
  • thick and crunchy,
  • with the skin on,
  • all with a quintessentially English approach to life!

Tyrrell’s crisps’ve won over 60 major food and drink Industry awards, including over 60 GOLD Great Taste Awards (the Oscars of the UK Food Industry). 


Lightly sea salted

  Mature cheddar & chive

Sea salt & black pepper

Worcestershire sauce & sundried tomato

Pesto & parmesan

Ham & cranberry

Sweet chilli & red pepper


Mixed root veg (beetroot, parsnip & carrot)

Beetroot & sea salt



Taste Pack’s weight Shelf life, months
150 g 40 g 150 g 40 g
Lightly sea salted + + 8 7
Mature cheddar & chive + + 8 7
Sea salt & black pepper +   8  
Worcestershire sauce & sundried tomato +   8  
Pesto & parmesan (new!) +   8  
Ham & cranberry  (new!) +   8  
Sweet chilli & red pepper (new!) + + 8 7
Mixed root veg (beetroot, parsnip & carrot)   +   6
Beetroot & sea salt   +   6


Producer: Tyrrells Potato Crisps Ltd.

ountry of origin: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Units in a box:

  • 150 g - 12 pcs
  • 40 g - 24 pcs


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