Hammock brand's Bake-its are crunchy, baked flatbread snacks, flavored with natural herbs and spices. Bake-its are not fried in oil - 50% less fat than regular potato chips. They are a perfect complement to dips. 


Smoked paprika

Sea salt and olive oil

Parmesan and chives

Creamy  pepper

Provence herbs

Taste Weight Units per case
140 g 35 g 140 g 35 g
Smoked paprika + + 18 21
Sea salt and olive oil + + 18 21
Parmesan and chives + + 18 21
Creamy  pepper + + 18 21
Provence herbs +   18  


ProducerLLC "Premium Snacks"

Country of origin: Russia

Shelf life: 9 months

Hammock officail website


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