Angry Birds



Angry Birds potato chips are the perfect combination of delicious crispy snacks / a convenient and recognizable package on the shelf / favorite cartoons and computer games heroes.

Range includes 5 top popular flavours:

  • sea salt,
  • tangy cheese,
  • sour cream & onion,
  • thai style.


Why tubes?

Chips keep their original shape, flavor and aroma much longer in such rigid package.


Sour cream & onion

Sea salt

Tangy cheese

Thai style



Taste Pack’s weight Units in a box
160 g 100 g
Potato chips (tube)
Sea salt + + 14
Tangy cheese + + 14
Sour cream & onion + + 14
Thai style + + 14


Producer: Kilang Makanan Mamee SDN BHD

Country of origin: Malaysia

Shelf life18 months


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